1We reduce tax related costs for over 95% of our clients

Tax is one of your biggest business expenses. You need to manage the actual tax you pay, your compliance costs and the stress of worrying about whether you’re paying too much, or not enough, and what will happen if IRD audits you. We’ve developed our proprietary DeTax Model to make sure you’re not paying more tax than you need to and don’t have hidden tax risks. Click on “DeTax Model” under Services to find out more.

2We’re REAL tax specialists not generalist accountants who do some tax work

We have a combined 47 years of providing specialist tax services to SMEs. Is your ‘tax advice’ reactionary and historical with one focus – filing a tax return? If it is, you are likely not getting the proactive, future focused advice you need which can add real value to your business. To understand why, it’s helpful to consider the medical profession – you go to your GP for routine matters and to specialists for more complex issues. Accounting is the same, there are generalists and specialists.

3You can work with us and your generalist accountant, or we can do it all

Your existing accountant may be doing a great job with your routine accounts and tax returns. If so we can work with them to reduce your tax related costs, or to help with a transaction. Using our medical example, you don’t have to ditch your GP to consult a specialist – but you do need the specialist to solve your problem. On the other hand if you’re asking questions about your current accountant, “is that it?”, “where’s the additional value?”, we can help you with the routine work as well.

4You get big firm expertise without paying for the ivory tower

We’ve worked for big accounting firms and know you don’t get any value from their expensive bricks and mortar – you get value from good, practical advice. We invest our money so we can add the most value to you – on great people, great connections and being easy to do business with. This means we’re able to provide you with specialist expertise at competitive prices.

5You have direct access to the experts

We’re a boutique tight knit team of experienced, hands on, specialists. We don’t employ juniors so you won’t have a revolving door of people doing your work or someone who always needs to check with someone else before you get an answer.

6We want you to sleep at night without worrying about when IRD will come knocking

IRD audits can be stressful and expensive but they don’t have to be. We help you understand your tax risk appetite and where you sit on IRD’s risk radar. We partner with Audit Shield so you can insure against the costs associated with IRD audits.

7Life is full of surprises but tax shouldn’t be, We keep the nasty shocks out of your tax life

Have you ever been surprised by the amount of tax you have to pay? Are you clear on what your annual compliance calendar looks like? Managing your tax compliance obligations should not involve consulting your crystal ball or having a good guess. We put robust systems around your tax compliance to make sure you avoid nasty shocks and know well ahead of time what tax needs to be paid and when.

8No jargon, no interpreter needed, We provide plain English practical solutions

Advice shouldn’t need to be deciphered. Our advice is easy to understand so you can make informed decisions and we provide clear recommendations rather than alternatives for you to choose from. If you had the knowledge to evaluate tax options you wouldn’t need us. We also help you implement recommendations rather than leaving you to it. Failing to implement properly could mean your investment is wasted.


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